On Valentine's Day 1995, the #1 song in the nation was "Creep" by TLC. Adjusted for inflation it would cost you around $27.84 to fill the tank of the best-selling car (a Ford Taurus). 20 Across in the New York Times Crossword was “EARTHSCIENCE”, and Windows 95 would not be released for another 191 days. Also, I was born. It was a Tuesday.

On this site, you can view some recent work from my last two internships and school. If you would like to ask about any of it, or see more, please, email me at:
<– A downloadable PDF of my resume can be found at the bottom of the toolbar.
Fun Facts:
- Myers-Briggs: ENTP
Starred as an extra and worked as a set hand in three commercials.
- Tech Nerd. I like all things Computers, Smartphones, Apps, Gadgets, you name it!
- Extremely mediocre Tuba and Guitar player.
- I may be 6'3, 216lbs, but I'm terrible at sports, so I just watch them.
- Outdoorsy things. Biking, Hiking, etc.
- Visited 29/50 states and 13 countries outside the US.
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